Improve your profit margins

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If conventional ways of growing your business are difficult, focus instead on improving your profit margins.

The 10 step process to maximizing business value on exit

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The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) delayed the exit plans of the baby-boomer business owners but their need to exit has not gone away.

Using your strengths to leverage your opportunities

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Most business people are familiar with SWOT analysis. A key part of this process is to identify your strengths and opportunities. You then ask the key question, “how can I use these strengths to commercialize these opportunities?”

Baby Boomers - is it time to sell your business?

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In the UK, 44% of business owners expect to exit or sell their business in the next 10 years

Should you settle with the taxman?

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HMRC tempts tax avoiders with early settlement offer

Tax Avoidance

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Tax avoidance is in the spotlight now, after several recently publicised cases. Read more here...

HMRC Jersey Tax Investigation

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After receiving a list of 4,388 people with offshore bank accounts in Jersey, HMRC have confirmed that they are investigating HSBC offshore bank accounts for possible tax evasion.

By George, he’s on to something

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Sometimes – rarely, but sometimes – a situation really is win-win. Take the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), unveiled by George Osborne in last year’s Budget.

Tax avoidance scheme pitfalls

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Healthy scepticism should be used when considering tax schemes. Most will entail a very high level of risk, and any that do 'succeed' stand a good chance of the revenue taking a retrospective view and reversing your good fortune.

Dividends just the job – to the tune of £47,000

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What could your business do with a £47,000 saving?

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