Taylor Cocks International

We offer advice on cross-border taxation and provide support to UK businesses looking to expand overseas, as well as to foreign businesses planning on venturing to the UK.

In fact, whatever the nature of your business or industry – and whatever the size of your operation and your vision for its future growth – we will have expertise to support you every step of the way.

There may be more issues to consider than you realise when planning to expand your business beyond its domestic territory:

  • what’s the most tax efficient business entity for you to adopt?
  • how should you best manage the tax implications of each jurisdiction – and avoid the perils of penalties like double taxation?
  • what other regulations or barriers are in place?
  • should you be seeking a local agent or venturing forth alone?

Taylorcocks is experienced in helping businesses from a range of industry sectors cost-effectively manage moves in and out of the UK, with our comprehensive, prompt and proactive advice.

If you run a UK business and are thinking of expanding overseas, contact us.

Expanding overseas

If you’re thinking of taking your business onto the global stage, you will know that the risks are as high as the potential rewards.


International group organisations

As companies grow and seek new overseas markets to expand into, there are many factors to address and issues to overcome.


International tax

Tax laws can often be confusing in the UK, but when your business has international operations, it's often even harder to understand. Taylorcocks have the experience to guide you through any international plans you wish to make.


Setting up a business in the uk

For foreign businesses who are considering expanding their operations into the UK, this presents a potentially beneficial strategic move, but it also opens a number of challenges and complications that without expert support and guidance can be difficult to overcome.