With two decades of experience in accountancy and financial compliance, we have built up an extensive level of insight across a range of sectors.

Our clients know that as well as understanding their businesses inside-out, we have a deep awareness of their industry – an awareness which offers them a competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

With our mission to cut through complexity, reduce your tax and maximise your commercial potential, by working with taylorcocks you’ll benefit from more than just a top-class accountant. You’ll benefit from a business adviser who has a specific understanding of your sector and the challenges affecting it.

For example:

  • we’ve helped several of our research and development clients exploit the R&D relief they were failing to claim
  • we’ve helped charities efficiently manage complex issues such as reserves policies, risk management and trustee responsibilities
  • manufacturers, meanwhile, blighted by fluctuations in exchange rates and rising commodity prices, have benefited from our advice on low-cost business models, strategic alliances, joint ventures and how to source investment

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As specialist charity accountants, you can be confident that we are able to help you deal with the many issues you may face in an increasingly complex financial and tax arena.


hotel and leisure

The hotel and leisure industry is very much a seasonal one. It is clear that good timing is crucial to success, and that's why taylorcocks aim to provide the most time-efficient service to you and our business.


Legal Sector

Taylorcocks provides specialist accountancy and taxation services to the legal sector including forensic accountancy and SRA client account audits.


manufacturing and engineering

If you work within the manufacturing and engineering industry, you can usually benefit from various tax reliefs, particularly for research and development. Read more to find out what else we can do for you.


owner managed businesses

Taylorcocks provide expert financial solutions to owner managed businesses. We tailor our services to meet the unique challenging and changing needs of our clients to enable them to fulfil their potential.


Technology and telecoms

In a fast moving industry typified by constant change and growth driven by advances in communications. Our sector specialists have the knowledge to understand the pressures placed on companies operating in this highly competitive sector.


Travel and transport

The travel and transport industry plays a major role in the global economy, but companies in this sector face a unique set of challenges. With the economy struggling and with high fuel prices deterring people from travelling, our experts are on hand to help guide you through these challenges and work with you to sustain your growth.


Academies And Schools

Our specialist charities and education team has the expertise to advise schools that are either launching as academies or considering converting to academy status.


fca regulated companies

Taylorcocks has considerable experience with the issues faced by companies involved in financial servicess and the ever-changing rules, policy documents and consultation papers imposed by the FSA.


property and construction

In the construction industry more than most it is essential to work with an accountant that understands your business and the industry within which you operate, and can provide you with a service tailored to your specific needs.


media and entertainment

Media and entertainment companies face a unique set of issues specific to their industry. These issues are becoming increasingly complex as traditional media converges with new technology and integrated marketing efforts.



Taylorcocks provides specialist accountancy and taxation services to the medical sector. We provide a first class financial accountancy and advisory service, with the revisions to the way the NHS is now being run you will need top management skills and up to the minute knowledge to address ongoing changes.