Company secretarial

The responsibilities of running a business are enough to keep anyone busy. Unfortunately, there’s a whole layer of duties you must also fulfil to ensure you are legally compliant.

They range from basic administrative and bookkeeping duties to more complex tasks, such as the legal requirements around company registrations, restructurings, and share schemes.

Getting it wrong can be costly, with penalties ranging from fines, to being struck off company registers, to directorial disqualifications.

Our company secretarial service can take care of all this for you and more. Whether you are the owner of an SME or the finance director of a limited company, you will benefit from being compliant and lightening your administrative burden. Our specialist knowledge covers:

  • circulating accounts and AGM notices 
  • handling share transfers 
  • drafting Articles of Association 
  • supplying Companies House information 
  • maintaining and filing statutory forms and annual returns 

Our company secretarial team stays continually up-to-date with corporate governance laws in the UK, giving you the freedom to run your business with confidence, while we keep you compliant.

Working with taylorcocks can liberate your business and unlock your true earning potential.

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