Life assurance

Life assurance policies ensure that outstanding financial commitments you have when you die are taken care of and not passed on to your dependents. They safeguard your dependents from the effects cause by the loss of your income and can also provide cover in the event of critical illness.

We work with mortgage-holders, parents and business owners who have financial dependents for whom provision will be needed when they die or if they become critically ill.

Self-employed individuals may have a greater need for life assurance cover as they will not be covered by any employee benefit schemes. We can also consider tax-efficient life cover plans for limited company directors and their employees.

How we work

Our advisers will first look at your existing life assurance policy, if you have one, as some employed people are covered by their company pension plan and many homeowners purchase assurance alongside their mortgage.

We will then:

  •  review the suitability of any existing arrangements so that your costs are kept as low as possible and the cover is appropriate
  • work with you to understand what you need from a new policy and find the most suitable option available
  • if no cover exists, we will recommend a suitable level of cover and will ensure that the plans are written in the most tax-efficient manner.

If appropriate, we may also write the policy in trust so that it does not become part of your estate and is never liable to inheritance tax.

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