Forensic accountancy

In today’s changeable economic environment business disputes are becoming more frequent and litigation is on the increase. At taylorcocks we draw on the firm wide expertise of our accounting professionals to advise our clients in claims assessment and provide independent expert accounting witness services.

How we can help:

  • As expert accounting advisor working with our clients to pull together robust and persuasive claims, negotiating for settlement on our clients’ behalf through mediation or other negotiation processes. 
  • As independent expert accounting witness where our experts will assess quantum and simplify the complexities of our clients’ claims to assist courts and tribunals. 

By instructing us early, we can save our clients time and cost by identifying the key issues, sources of evidence to substantiate claims and make sure nothing is overlooked or incorrectly stated. Our forensic specialists seek to prepare robust quantifications to substantiate simple yet persuasive reports.

Not all disputes end up in a formal dispute resolution process and whilst we can provide expert evidence in those circumstances, we strongly believe in assisting our clients to obtain prior settlement, where possible, thus avoiding the costs of litigation and arbitration.

Our Forensic Services include advice and support during:

  • commercial disputes
  • matrimonial disputes
  • shareholder and valuation disputes
  • valuations for tax disputes

Contact a member of the taylorcocks forensic accountancy team to discuss your circumstances and see how we can help you.

Commercial disputes

An inpedepent perspective and pragmatic approach can often ensure a speedy conclusion to any commercial dispute, and our team of forensic accounting experts provide exactly that.


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Matrimonial disputes

Our Forensic Accounting team has many years’ experience of facilitating matirmonial disputes, providing a fair and independent assessment of the financial status of both parties.


Shareholder and valuation disputes

If you are involved in a shareholder or valuation dispute, we can assist by providing you with an independent and objective view of the accounting/numerical aspects of the case.


Valuations for tax disputes

In such cases we can work with an all involved stakeholders in a professional manner. Often our involvement at an early stage can result in any dispute being settled quickly and efficiently.