Strategic guidance

Sometimes even the most experienced business owners need an impartial and experienced adviser to guide them through the challenges of navigating a competitive marketplace.

With our commercial nous and experience across multiple sectors, we can provide you with specific strategic guidance – the sort of insights which can help you improve your efficiency, exploit your opportunities and make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Whether you seek straightforward business mentoring, more targeted strategic advice, or expert commercial management, we have a team of experts who will passionately pursue a better business model for you.

We are also there for those occasional issues which can make or break the fortunes of any organisation – mergers and acquisitions, key employee retention, or exit/succession planning. And for those entrepreneurs who need a helping hand to realise their dreams, we can review business plans and support pitches for funding.

We aim to be there for your business every day, whatever your industry and whatever your circumstances. With the backing of taylorcocks, your challenges will look less intimidating and your opportunities more rewarding.

Contact us today to see how we can transform your approach to business.

Quasi Finance Director

Our quasi financial director services will enable our team to work more closely with you. They’ll help define a business strategy and attend board meetings whilst ultimately ensuring that you can achieve your business goals and objectives.


Salary vs Dividends

If you are a shareholder, you may have the option to remunerate yourself by way of dividends rather than taking a significant salary, and this can give rise to substantial savings for you individually as well as your company.


Strategic Guidance 24/7 - Mindshop Mobile from Taylorcocks

In this fast-paced, technically-advanced world which is constantly growing, mobile solutions to a workload are imperative to gain competitive advantage. Having access out and about on a mobile platform gives our clients the opportunity to use your time more efficiently and allows quicker communication with an advisor, which is essential in today’s business world.


TC business leaders group

The taylorcocks business leaders group helps its members fast-track success by providing thme with the tools, strategic methodologies and coaching needed to achieve their objectives.


Exit and succession planning

Exit and succession planning can be both complicated and stressful for business owners; however, there are various strategies that taylorcocks can help you to implement in order to make this process easier, and more tax-efficient.


Business strategy

Do you know how you business will succeed in the future and achieve it's goals? With the help of our business experts, we can work with you to map out your business roadmap and help you achieve your objectives.


Key employee retention

Ensuring that your employees are happy is a big contributing factor for success; promoting incentives for your staff will motivate them and could result in targets being reached and exceeded.


Mergers & acquisitions

As the market place shrinks and competition increases, it is imperative that organisations considering an M&A strategy carefully plan this method of growth and diligently analyse all aspects of any transaction in the context of their overall plan.


Raising finance

Support with the preparation of business plans, raising capital finance, and assisting in negotiations amongst other areas are all elements that taylorcocks can advice on.