Quasi Finance Director

Taylor Cocks Quasi Financial DirectorAt taylorcocks, we understand that the knowledge and expertise of a finance director would be a valuable asset to your business, but often it is deemed too expensive to consider employing a suitably qualified member of staff solely for this role.

What can we offer?

Taylorcocks' team of financial experts are able to provide the expertise and support of an in-house finance director to attend board meetings and provide advice as required.  Our trained experts can provide you with guidance on a number of key business issues including:

  • business growth and development
  • changing business needs
  • adapting to changing market climates
  • improving business and financial operations

What are the benefits?

The quasi finance director can offer impartial advice on all areas of the business, whilst continuing to assist your company with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience.  All of this without the impact of a fully salaried additional staff member.

To find out more about the in-depth services our quasi finance directors offer, contact a member of the taylorcocks team.