Raising finance

Whether through angel investors, commercial loans or debt factoring, securing investment can often be the difference between survival or liquidation, stagnation or growth, and ultimately your ability to reach your goals.

Unfortunately there isn’t a ‘Dragon’s Den’ on every street corner and it can be very difficult to find the right contacts to engage with. If you are lucky enough to know the right contacts, it may be your business plan that is stopping you from getting the investment you need, and that is where we come in.

How can taylorcocks help?

  • assistance in negotiations
  • preparation of a business plan
  • advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • advice on business sales and disposals
  • raising of finance (through our extensive network of contacts)

We can help you find the right contacts, develop a compelling business plan and help you negotiate to get the investment that you need to go forward.

Contact a member of the taylorcocks team now to discuss the raising of corporate finance.