Strategic Guidance 24/7 - Mindshop Mobile from Taylorcocks

 “Strategic guidance and business planning support from Taylorcocks available anytime, anywhere” 

In this fast-paced, technically-advanced world which is constantly growing, mobile solutions to a workload are imperative to gain competitive advantage. Having access out and about on a mobile platform gives our clients the opportunity to use your time more efficiently and allows quicker communication with an advisor, which is essential in today’s business world. 

At Taylorcocks, we believe that, for success to be achieved, our advisors need solutions for clients 24/7, anywhere in the world. This is why we are now offering a new mobile site – Mindshop Mobile. This gives you the power of Mindshop in the palm of your hand to complement the main Mindshop Online platform. 

Designed for business leaders and owners to use on day-to-day business tasks, the Mindshop Online platform is now available on mobile devices, giving you the opportunity to save time elsewhere to achieve the agility and responsiveness you need to succeed. 

Here are four ways that Mindshop Mobile powers successful Taylorcocks’ clients...

 1. Mindshop at your fingertips – anywhere, any time. 

When out of the office, you still need instant access to all confidential strategies and actions in the palm of your hand. You can use Mindshop Mobile to immediately contact your advisor, review solutions, and gather feedback quickly.

2. Access to 120+ business tools 

Mindshop Mobile provides business leaders and their advisors with access to over 120 powerful business tools. Users can quickly access these tools by searching the toolbox, watching the demonstration video and reading the step-by-step guide to using that tool. This 24/7 access provides the ability to attack any challenge or opportunity without any time or location barriers.

 3. Tap into the power of the global community  

The advice of hundreds of experienced business leaders is now just a tap away on a mobile device via the Mindshop discussion forum. Guidance, collaboration and answers to questions are now available at your fingertips.

 4. Work smarter 

You can embed Mindshop Mobile into your everyday work practices, including the ability to capture photos of whiteboard brainstorming sessions and post them directly into a strategy and action area for review by your advisor. Setting actions and due dates prevents the need for follow up e-mails and time-consuming note write-ups back in the office. All of these time-saving aspects add up into a large amount of time being saved to help with other aspects of the business.


Learn more about Mindshop Mobile by watching the video.

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