Our aim is to reduce the amount of tax you pay

That requires expertise and specialist knowledge which our dedicated chartered tax advisers have in abundance. In all major areas of tax they use this knowledge to deliver commercial solutions tailored to your needs. Our CTAs will always be on hand to offer the specialist advice you might need for your every requirement – from buying a vehicle to selling your business. So, where there are ways to save you money, you can be sure we will find them.

Our strategic tax planning experts can provide specialist taxation advice for private clients giving you the detailed insight you need to make effective taxation decisions. From personal, to inheritance, capital gains tax and international tax advice, our clients are guaranteed a discreet and personal service.

Our tax services include:

  • structuring or restructuring your company's activities
  • computerised tax returns and computations
  • company sales and management buy outs
  • tax-efficient remuneration schemes
  • capital allowance reviews
  • international tax planning
  • rewarding employees
  • succession planning
  • personal taxation

As tax legislation becomes ever more complicated, innovative strategic tax planning can provide a real commercial advantage and contribution to business success. Ensuring you have the right strategies in place will make a real difference to your overall tax liability.

We will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals - the breadth of our clients ensures we have the experience and expertise necessary to help you succeed.

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benefits in kind

benefits in kind enable employers to benefit from tax efficient means by which to retain and attract staff without the costs associated with direct salary increases, whilst providing employees with access to tax efficient benefits that would otherwise not be available to them.


Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax paid on certain items by certain people and businesses can be reduced through various reliefs, saving you money for business-related purchases.


Corporate tax

As chartered tax advisers, taylorcocks understand every aspect of your company's compliance obligations. However, we do more than make you compliant; taylorcocks will go further to find your company tax savings.


Inheritance tax

That you should leave something behind for loved ones is a gratifying thought, whatever the size of your assets; however you could lose 40% of this in tax unless you follow a tax-efficient route.


International tax

Tax laws can often be confusing in the UK, but when your business has international operations, it's often even harder to understand. Taylorcocks have the experience to guide you through any international plans you wish to make.


Personal tax

The preparation of your personal tax returns can be a confusing and tedious process for some people - taylorcocks offers a proactive personal tax service, and will give you an annual review of your tax affairs to make sure you're paying the right tax.


Salary sacrifice schemes

Salary sacrifice schemes are cashless employee benefits that are often wholly or partly exempt from PAYE and NICs. The employer also benefits by not having to pay employers NI.


Salary vs Dividends

If you are a shareholder, you may have the option to remunerate yourself by way of dividends rather than taking a significant salary, and this can give rise to substantial savings for you individually as well as your company.


SEIS: an incentive for small business investment

Under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) the government will contribute up to 50% for people investing in a small business up to a limit of £100,000 per year.


Share option schemes

Share Option schemes are a tax efficient and attractive means to reward employees and retain and attract key staff.


HMRC Tax Investigations

There no longer needs to be a report of irregulaty for HMRC to investigate you and your business. Taylorcocks team of specialist tax advisers can work with you to help alleviate the stress and burden of any investigation.


Tax planning

Careful planning coupled with expert guidance from a professional organisation, will enable businesses and high networth individuals to reduce their tax liabilities considerably.



UK tax legislation is one of the most complicated in the world, with VAT making up one of more complex areas. With over 16 years experience in providing effective UK VAT advice and practical solutions to VAT issues, taylorcocks is ideally placed to help you realise significant cost savings.


Voluntary Disclosures To HMRC

If you or your business have underpaid tax, either unintentionally through simple error or deliberately by understating or failing to declare earnings, you can make a voluntary disclosure to HMRC to rectify the situation.