HMRC Tax Investigations

Tax investigations, including investigations into tax fraud and tax evasion are a real and growing threat to small and medium sized companies. However, there are things that can be done to protect yourself during an investigation, and this is where taylorcocks' team of specialist tax advisers come in.

Investigations by HMRC are becoming more common, and it's essential that you have the  support of experts in all investigatory areas including:

How we can help

Taylorcocks only employ chartered tax advisers (CTAs) and Ex-HMRC inspectors with experience of all types of HMRC investigations. Our investigation specialists will:

  • attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf
  • negotiate and work to reach a fair and final settlement, including reducing penalties where possible.
  • negotiate a reasonable and affordable payment period
  • fees - our prices are competitive and we will do our upmost to ensure that our professional fees are fair and reasonable

If you are under HMRC investigation, please contact a member of taylorcocks' tax team for a free and strictly private consultation.

COP 8 – Special Investigations (Fraud and Avoidance)

The Fraud and Avoidance section of the Specialist Investigations directorate of HMRC carries out investigations under the COP 8 procedure in all cases where the Civil Investigation of Fraud procedures (COP 9) are not used.


COP 9 Tax Investigation - Code Of Practice 9 Specialists

If you have been issued with a COP 9 notice it is because HMRC suspect you of serious tax fraud. COP 9 Investigations are intrusive and time consuming and can become stressful if they aren't managed properly. We are Code Of Practice 9 specialists with 20 years of experience dealing with HMRC Investigations and we can help gude you through the process.


HMRC disputes And appeals

If you disagree with a decision made by HMRC about “direct taxes” including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and National Insurance contributions, you may be able to challenge it by appealing.


Fee Protection Service

HM Revenue and Customs now have far greater powers than they used to. At some point, you may find yourself at the centre of a tax investigation; and this is where taylorcocks comes in.


Tax Enquiries – Section 9A Taxes Management Act 1970

HMRC is entitled to enquire into any personal tax return and this will be initiated by a written notice quoting Section 9A.


VAT Investigations

VAT investigations are typically triggered either if a routine VAT inspection uncovers irregularities. Successful prosecution of criminal cases will normally result in imprisonment.