Taylorcocks provides cost effective and practical UK VAT advice to accountants, lawyers, SMEs, large corporates, not-for-profit organisations, charities and private clients and their business interests and also has specialist sector specific VAT knowledge.

Our aim is to help you retain your wealth by paying no more VAT than is necessary. We will actively look at your business to see where operational improvements could lead to savings in VAT.

Taylorcocks has the benefit of access to VAT experts in other countries around the world to assist in providing an overall VAT service in respect of international supplies of goods and services and business structuring.

Taylorcocks can provide VAT advice on:

• Transactions
• VAT disputes with HMRC
• Liability issues
• Effective VAT planning
• International supplies of goods and services
• Sector specific related VAT issues

Why do you need a VAT expert?

With the UK standard rate of VAT increased to 20% it is essential to be able to obtain clear, concise VAT advice. This is particularly relevant due to the harsher penalty regime adopted by HMRC where they will consider having taken VAT advice on complicated matters as a sign of taking 'reasonable care'.

VAT has been implemented in over 130 countries. In the increasing global market place it is important to be aware of the different rules to VAT in other countries. Having contacts with VAT experts in many jurisdictions outside the UK, we can assist in obtaining understandable overseas VAT advice when required.

How can taylorcocks help?


We consider it essential to understand the nature of your or your clients' business, not-for-profit organisations or charities, and the desired objectives, to be able to provide structured practical VAT advice. We will always be happy to work with you or your clients' other advisors to assist in providing a combined approach, recognising VAT is one element of the overall tax issues you and your clients face.

Initial consultations are always free and of no obligation, and in many cases fixed fees may be agreed in advance depending on the nature of the work, which can significantly help with budgeting.

Contact taylorcocks to discuss your VAT payments and see if we can find you savings.

Reviews of HMRC assessments or decisions

HMRC investigations are a real and growing threat to small and medium sized companies and we work and support our clients during any investigation to protect themselves and their businesses.



Provide assistance to maximise your or your clients VAT position to ensure compliance and VAT efficiency


VAT Planning and Efficiency

Effective VAT planning ensures you pay no more tax than you to, and that is an area that taylorcocks' experts can support you with.


VAT Reviews

VAT reviews can be beneficial for you or your clients to ensure no more VAT is paid then is necessary.