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Business Tax

Taylorcocks is a firm of tax advisers and, as such, we have a deep understanding of tax and how to make sure our clients pay as little as possible, whilst remaining fully compliant. We offer a complete service to deal with ongoing and annual corporate tax matters:

  • Preparation of annual corporation tax returns
  • Related correspondence with HMRC
  • As a standard part of our audit we review your company’s taxation affairs. Our review encompasses all relevant taxes to ensure that any tax planning opportunities are not missed
  • Advice in respect of related company matters such as directors’ remuneration, dividend payments and group structure arrangements

Why choose taylorcocks?

At taylorcocks we recognise that the continued success of your business depends on your ability to adapt to the changing business market in which you operate. That’s where taylorcocks comes in. Our experience of dealing with companies like yours, has enabled us to develop a flexible approach to the services and accounting solutions we offer.

It is this unique and proactive approach to developing tailor made services capable of adapting to the changing needs of your business, that sets us apart from other accountants.

Tax Compliance

Taylorcocks provides its clients with business tax compliance services to ensure they are compliant with regulations and reduce their tax liability where possible.

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Transactions Advisory

Taylorcocks provides clients with specialist transactions advisory services to ensure compliance and reduce tax liability where possible.

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Tax Credits & Relief

Taylorcocks provides its clients with specialist tax credits & reliefs services to help businesses claim back tax in special circumstances.

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International Tax

Taylorcocks provides practical international tax advice to clients to ensure compliance with regulations across multiple countries & realise tax savings where possible.

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Employment Taxes

Taylorcocks provides specialist advice on employment taxes, benefits and incentives.

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Taylorcocks provides practical VAT advice to its clients to ensure compliance with regulations and realise tax savings where possible.

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Tax Investigations

Taylorcocks provides specialist advice to clients relating to tax investigations, settlements and voluntary disclosures.

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Personal Tax

Taylorcocks provides specialist personal tax advice to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce tax liabilities where possible.

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Free no-obligation consultation

If you’re thinking of changing accountants, contact a member of the taylorcocks team today to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced chartered accountants.